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Organisational Psychology Consultations

Are you a CEO, business owner, manager or human resources professional looking to bring about change within your workplace culture or employee engagement? If so, Business Psychology Academy can help.

Through our consultations we work with our clients to identify their current organisational culture and business needs. Based on our findings, we provide tailored scientific interventions to help target key areas and bring about measurable results.


Step 01

Introduce Yourself

Make initial contact with BPA through the contact form below

Step 02

Initial Consultation

We will discuss what issues your business is experiencing and craft a Problem Definition

Step 03

Needs Assessment

We will then work together to identify what your business’ needs are in terms of desired outcomes and how to achieve these

Step 04


We will design a bespoke solution for your business in the form of employee discovery sessions, focus groups, online training, group workshops and/or individual sessions. This intervention will be co-created by you and will be 100% individualised to the specifics needs of you and your employees.

Step 05


We will assess the effectiveness and compile a report discussing how and why certain aspects worked, while also developing a list of further recommendations

Step 06


Clients of BPA are clients for life so we offer a lifetime follow-up service where your business can build on what was achieved during intervention at any time.