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Module 1 will:

  • help individuals understand the concepts of psychosocial stressbullying and sexual harassment in the workplace with clear real-life examples;
  • reveal the negative effects of these types of behaviours on an individual and organisational level; and
  • investigate what can be done to prevent and resolve such behaviours in order to promote respectful and harmonious relationships in the workplace.

Module 2 will:

  • outline the definition of workplace boundaries;
  • clarify the different types of personal and interpersonal boundaries that we need in order to be able to perform our work to the best of our ability;
  • highlight how creating and maintaining boundaries not only helps us to perform well but it also aids us in creating a supportive and respectful work environment with colleagues and customers; and
  • give individuals meaningful and dynamic strategies to implement different types of boundaries.

Module 3 will:

  • investigate the 4 main communication styles including Passive, Passive-Aggressive, Aggressive and Assertive;
  • clearly explain what each style looks like and outline the cause and effect of each style;
  • clearly convey the importance of assertive communication;
  • explore the links between assertiveness and confidence; and
  • give you a number of different assertiveness skills and strategies that you can implement in your day to day working environment