State Farm Life Insurance Review

In this article we will review life insurance policies provided by State Farm insurance. We’ll be discussing how the rates offered by State Farm stack up to the competition, as well as State Farm’s approval guidelines. We’ll also provide some pricing examples of State Farm and other top-rated life insurance companies that provide life insurance … Read more

Can I Get Life Insurance to Age 90?

Is it possible to get life insurance to age 90?  You may already be very familiar with how term life insurance works— rather than guaranteeing to insure you for your entire life, term life provides coverage for specific time periods (typically between 10 and 30 years). Are there other options for this age group? What … Read more

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company Review

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Life Insurance for Skydivers

Skydiving’s popularity has soared to new heights over the past several years. There’s no question that this unique pastime terrifies some and exhilarates others, but what do life insurance companies think about it? As you may already know, they are generally with the “terrified” group. At Life Insurance Blog, we work with over 60 different … Read more

How Long Should I Have Life Insurance?

When buying life insurance, you’ll need to decide how long your policy will last. How long do you need life insurance?  If you buy term life insurance: your coverage will be temporary and inexpensive. If you choose permanent life insurance: your coverage will be more expensive, but it will protect you for your entire life.  … Read more