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Launched in 2021 as a direct response to the ever-changing needs of entrepreneurs and employees in a post-pandemic climate, BPA sets out to create real social change through accessible online support for businesses. We believe that workplaces can and should be supportive compassion-focused spaces where employees feel empowered, inspired and connected.

Individuals who sense themselves as living in supportive, caring communities are in different physiological states than individuals who are in threat-focused communities or see the world as “a dog eat dog” place where you cannot trust or rely on others to help you (Perry et al, 2013)’ cited in Gilbert (2021). The physiological state we embody when we are in a threat-focused environment is not helpful to our well-being, to our health or to our ability to perform. It can result in lower well-being and satisfaction levels, lower engagement levels and lower productivity levels. All of these elements have a significantly negative impact on the performance of an individual, a team and a company as a whole.

Considering how much time we spend in the workplace on a weekly basis, it is imperative to our health, wellbeing and productivity that we feel valued and content. However, the statistics are showing heightened levels of dissatisfaction and depression in workplaces and the simple fact is, when we are dissatisfied and unhappy at work, we are not going to be engaged or produce our best results. It is in the best interests of every single person within a company that employees are prioritised. That’s why we believe People Power Business. There is no business without all the parts.

Why are we so passionate about supporting you and your staff?


Employees who are driven, motivated and dedicated are empowered employees and are an asset to any company. But how do you empower an employee? The cultivation of empowerment is one that requires a holistic and compassionate approach, working with employees’ mental, physical, social and spiritual health and values. And for entrepreneurs, you are the leading force behind an idea, a team and a growing business so empowerment is invaluable. Only when we empower ourselves and our teams…can we truly begin to create change in our lives. Business Psychology Academy is passionate about helping individuals and companies to empower themselves and their team because the benefits are endless for the individuals, the company and society as a whole. 

When we feel cared for, supported and empowered, we are able to work at our “best”, and we are more likely to over-deliver, be loyal to our company, and contribute to a more positive company environment. In the workplace, this looks like high levels of engagement and productivity and is brought about because our feelings, needs, values and talents are all being listened to, considered and worked with. According to a study conducted by Gallup (2017), companies with engaged employees outperform those without them by a whopping 202%.


Our aim is not just to deliver what a company asks for; we set out to be the spark for inspired action for every participant. Employees walk away with the know-how but also the practical strategies around exactly how to achieve their goals, increase productivity and live a life aligned to their true purpose. According to Gilbert (2021), there is now considerable psychological research showing how our “brains and bodies “work best” in environments where we feel cared for and about, and feel we can make a contribution that others value (Gilbert, 2009)”. Supporting entrepreneurs and companies to promote emotional literacy and a compassion-focused culture results in less absenteeism and presenteeism (when we are present at work but not working), higher employee retention rates and increased revenue figures.


When companies offer health supports to their staff, it means that we can access millions of people who otherwise would not benefit from this knowledge and strategies. Because 100% of our content is available online, it means we can reach everyone with access to the internet and it can be done in a discreet manner if required. Workplace health promotion (WHP) projects in companies are one of the key solutions for improving health among employees (Jimenez & Bregenzer, 2018; Kirsten & Karch, 2012). Our founders have over 10 years of combined experience working directly with clients in a clinical setting and have gained insights which have provided a broad and unquestionable understanding of the importance of workplace mental health and wellness. We have witnessed a wonderful wave of change in company and employee attitudes towards mental health in recent years and making health support accessible moves the needle in a real way from rhetoric to reality.